Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are many myths and theories surrounding erectile dysfunction (ED). A certain number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, this is not a disease but rather a condition. It is simply an issue that some men may suffer from. Although physically ED only affects sexual life, the condition usually takes a tremendous toll on a man’s self-esteem, leading to some psychological problems. The good news is, however, that ED is treatable. There are medicated, surgical and even natural ways to treat the issue.

With medical science developing rapidly, there are more than a few treatment options for ED nowadays. A number of medicinal treatments for erectile dysfunction have been developed over the course of the past 20 years, the most famous of which is, without a doubt, Viagra. Discovered back in March 1998, this oral drug has gained huge popularity, especially after it was approved by the FDA. Being very effective as an ED treatment, Viagra, nevertheless, helps cope with ED in the physiological way, so to speak. The drug doesn’t increase sexual desire in general.

Several years after the success of Viagra, other ED drugs such as Levitra and Cialis were then created. Cialis, for example, is even stronger than Viagra in a way. While the latter has the capacity to resolve the impotence issue for 4-6 hours, Cialis can last as long as 36 hours after taking a single pill.

Although there are many ED drugs – all with different names, every one of them belongs to the same medication class, namely PDE5 inhibitors. Thus all these drugs work in the same way. They work by blocking the release of a certain enzyme (PDE5) that is known to inhibit erections. This blockage causes more blood flow to the penis, which naturally results in a firm erection.

The dosage of each drug, however, differs and should be taken after medical prescription. It is also said that all PDE5 inhibitors must not be mixed with nitrates, in case the user is on them too.

A common myth surrounding these drugs is that they cure erectile dysfunction. However, they rather treat the condition. All PDE5 inhibitors simply act as stimulators and provide temporary blockage of the above-mentioned enzyme. When the effect of an ED drug fades as it wears off from the system, the condition habitually returns.

While you might need a prescription to purchase an ED drug in your local pharmacy, most of these medications can be bought today online. In addition to the approved ED drugs, there also many so-called generics. For example, Kamagra and Tadacip are drugs manufactured by credible Indian pharmaceutical companies. These drugs work in the same fashion as Viagra and Cialis respectively, as they have the same active ingredients. However, since they are not backed by as much research as Viagra and Cialis, they are not yet officially approved by the FDA as brands.

Like almost all existing medicines, ED drugs have their own side effects. The most common ones include headache, dizziness, indigestion, visual disturbance etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only consume them once you have consulted with the doctor.

There are not only medicinal treatments available for ED. Some natural remedies and surgical procedures can be done to treat the condition. For example, there are vacuum pumps, as an alternative method, and surgery (including implants), as a radical solution to erectile dysfunction. Pumps can treat ED without anything being consumed; hence it is the safest method. However, the effectiveness of it leaves something to be desired. Surgery, on the other hand, can make the issue disappear once and for all; however, all surgical methods come with a certain risk of serious complications.

Some treatments include injecting drugs directly into the penis; this ensures a quick response but is not normally used on a regular basis. There are also suppositories available; these can be inserted into the penis. The purpose of all these again is to treat ED. However, both injections’ and suppositories’ effects are short-lived.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated with testosterone therapy. Since testosterone is the main male hormone whose decrease may lead to impotence among other health problems, testosterone supplements can really help some men. However, only a medical professional can determine whether testosterone therapy will be effective and safe in your particular case.