Cipla: Worldwide Known Pharmaceutical Giant

Cipla Limited has grown to become a global pharmaceutical company operating in more than 100 countries. With the aim of ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality medication, the company keeps delivering quality products and services to people across the world. Cipla has come up with various medicines which are used in treating medical conditions […]

Sugar Substitutes May Be Linked to Brain Illness, Study Suggests

Some people swear by diets based totally on sugar-free foods and beverages. Others are not so sure whether such a radical approach is good for health. And as more research is done and published on the subject, it seems more and more obvious that the latter might be right not to stick to diets totally […]

3 Under-Diagnosed Health Conditions You May Have without Being Aware Of

Despite the wealth of medical literature and a progressively more informed population, there are several health conditions that continue to evade the public radar until it’s too late. These diseases are under-diagnosed because they can develop silently over the years, create symptoms that make them difficult to distinguish from other diseases, or they simply remain […]